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Thank you for considering entry into the 9th annual TxAuthors Best Book Awards Contest (Awarded in 2022). We continue to grow in the number of entries each year, so we must be selective about who wins the award.

As you process the entry form after you pay below, please be very specific about the genre in which you are competing. You may enter one book in several genres. There is a fee for each entry in each category. You will also be required to send a copy of the book for each genre you enter. The shipping information will be provided at the end of the form. Once payment is received, and you have completed the entry form, you will receive confirmation that your book has been entered.

It is our goal to announce the winners of the contest in April. However, delays may occur based on the number of authors submitting their books at the last minute. We will email you and keep you updated about the process after the first of the year.

Thank you, and good luck!


Texas Authors Only Entry - You will be automatically included into our international contest at no additional cost.

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