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What is Texas Shorts?

Short Stories by Texas Authors is an annual contest to find the best Texas Authors while raising money for literacy programs. This is one of the many brain storms from B. Alan Bourgeois the director and founder of DEAR Texas, a not for profit organization designed to help encourage reading of all ages.

DEAR Texas

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of each book has gone to the DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Texas literacy program that helps gets books into the hands of people in need. As of December 31, 2018, over $20,000 was raised from book sales. We thank each person for supporting our endeavour and look forward to increasing the donations each year. If you would like to donate directly to DEAR Texas, please visit their website by clicking here. Thank You!

The Books:

Short Stories by Texas Authors, is now available for sale through a variety of sources, including our sponsors Indie Lector bookstore and other bookstores. No less the $2.00 per book sold goes towards the Dear Texas, Inc., literacy programs.

Who's Eligible to Enter?

Any writer who lives in Texas is eligible to submit a short story in any category. The contest begins each year on March 1st with the entry deadline of July 31st. The maximum word count allowed is 3,000 and a Texas writer can enter as many stories as they would like. The story cannot have been published at any time in any form. For more rules and regulations, please click here.

Awards and Benefits?

Each year, the contest has various prizes and awards available, in addition to being published in an anthology that is distributed to libraries and some schools each year.


Click here for the official website

Click here to enter via our sponsors website